Smogon Champions League - Semifinals

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won vs zee, gg friend and good luck in finals.

Our season didn't go as planned obviously, but i couldn't have asked for a better group of people. The memories i mare in this tour will ne cherished forever and i cant thank enough everyone who has been involved with the breakers. Thank you so much Alpha Rabbit and Osh for drafting me as your dou support, one of the most delicate slots along with LC in a team tour like this one. The trust you put in me motivated me to do everything i could to support Justin to the best of my abilities, especially after making that shit team week 3 LOL. Everyone on the team is so special to me, LNumbers you are a prep genius and an insane player, you deserved this more than anybody and you will for sure get that trophy, Punny dire che sei fortissimo è riduttivo, come te davvero pochi su sto sito. Lord_Enz Lusa Ren-chon Sabella daunt vs Sjneider byronthewellwell from my limited singles knowledge, i can tell you all played so well and deserved do much more, you guys had the best work rate ive aver seen, all of you deserved the trophy.

And how can i forget, the guy who i supported the most, Spurrific. Honestly nobody is going to convince me that you werent top 1 this tour. I had the most enjoyable Pokémon experience ever, i think we deversified a lot in this tour and that was all thanks to your ability to play literally anything and bring the W. I hope you can win in vgc more than you already did, now that real life tours are back. You deserve the best.

I have a massive headache so i wont go any further but thank you Breakers, it was so much fun :heart:


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Unfortunate way to go out but just wanted to thank Alpha Rabbit & Osh for drafting me and putting their trust in me that i could handle RU despite my inexperience in the tier and playing endless tests with me. Also huge shoutout to Punny for making all my teams and making sure i was prepared in the builder. Was fun breakers and ggs to terrors GL in finals.
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